earrings     (click on a photo to see detail)    

22k Gold & Silver Arch Earring Chained Ruffle Leaf Earrings Circle Hanging Earring Copper/Silver/Gold Star Earrings Curly Flower Long Earrings

Curly Seaweed earring Daffodil Earrings Dangle Earrings with Dime Pearl Dotted Square Blue Topaz Earrings Dotted Square Finial Earrings

Dotted Square Gold Green Earrings Dotted Square Silver Earrings Dotted Squares Tasseled Earrings Double Square Clip Earrings Double Square Earrings

Earring Little Hanging Squares Egyptian Ears Finial Plaque Earrings Finial+Pearl Earrings Finial+Ruffle Leaf Earrings

Five Leaves & Bead Cluster Flower Mobils cast from nature Forget-Me-Not Tasseled Earring Hanging earring “Iris” Hanging Maple Earring

Hydrangea Blossom Cluster Earrings India Square Silver Earrings Inverted India Leaf Earrings Large Arch Earrings Large India Leaf Earrings

Large Pearl Small Arch Silver Earring Leaf Earrings in Silver & 22k Leaves & One Gold Leaf Earrings Miniature Daffodil Silver Earrings Mother of Pearl Ovals

Scroll Earrings Sea Dragon Hanging Earring Seaweed earrings Shield Earring Pearl Drop Short Twiggy Stick with Pearl Earrings

Silver & Gold Barrel Shape Earring Silver Earring Curly Sea Weeds Silver Stick Earring with22k Leaf Single India Leaf Earring Snail Earrings

Soft Square Earring with 22k Band Stick with Leaf Earrings Sun Earrings Version 1 Sun Earrings Version 2 Tiny Square button

Tiny Square Hanging Ears Trapezoid Shape Silver Earrings Tri-Angled Bi-Colored Earrings Tri-Flower Leaf Earrings Zen Rectangle Earrings

Zen Screen Earrings Silver