necklaces     (click on a photo to see detail)    

5 Element India Necklace on Garnet Arch Pendant with 22k gold Black Onyx & Dime Pearl Continuous Silver Necklace Delicate Finial hung on golden wires

Delicious Collection Dotted Pendant on Peridot Dotted Square Necklace Egyptian Pendant Finial with Amethyst Cabochon

Five Element Chained Necklace Gold 1/2 Daisy Necklace Half Daisy with Beading Heart Pearl with Finial on Chain India Square Necklace

Keshi Grey Pearl Necklace Large Lotus Inspired by Tibetan Buddhism Locket for 2 photos Lotus Pendant on Garnets Maple Seed Necklace

Maple Seed Necklace on Chain Medallion Pendant hung on Silver wires Miniature Daffodil Pendant My Painting with Black Garnet Necklace Silver & 22k Gold Accents

One-of-Kind Painting with Peridot One-of-kind Pendant on Wire Oval Flower Scene Pendant  Silver with 22k gold Wave Accents Pink Druzy & Aquamarine Necklace

Pink Tourmaline & Opal Pendant Poppy Pod + Forget-Me-Knot Necklace Rectangle Painting hung on gold colored wires Rectangle Painting of Grass Sea Chain

Silver Pendant Off Angle Silver Soft Heart Small Lotus Necklace Small Painting with Pearls Small Painting with Squared Outline

Small Painting with Tri-angle Outline Vine Bar Necklace (4in) Winged Heart Pearl Necklace Zen Bamboo Necklace